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The Significance of a Sewer Scope Inspection for Buyers in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the dream place for every homebuyer. From pristine beaches to bustling urban areas and serene suburban neighborhoods, it is all you desire. But, is it? It depends entirely on your home buying decisions.

Surely, Virginia Beach is your perfectly painted picture of a place where you can secure a dream home. However, this dream home of yours can turn into a nightmare. And that'd be because of some of your major decisions when buying the property.

Many homebuyers think that a home that is pleasing enough has great aesthetics; perfect curb appeal is all they want. In our opinion, that's not all. In fact, that's just the basics. You need to buy a home that is intact and promises not to give you unexpected, costly surprises. That's something difficult to find.

Yes, we might have complicated your homebuying quest by now But, we shall make it easier for you too.

One of the best and smartest decisions you can make when buying a home is scheduling a sewer scope inspection (besides a home inspection). This way, you can ensure that your potential property is free of extensive damage and health hazards. Hence, no costly surprises will come your way in the near future. It will be you enjoying life in your perfect home.

So, don't let that all go down the drain, and read on to know more about these inspections and why you need one.

What Is A Sewer Scope Inspection?

The name might already have given you an idea. Still, if you're a bit perplexed, let us explain it.

 A sewer scope inspection is a process that gives you an inside look into a home's sewer lines. A professional home or sewer inspector performs the inspection. They start by using a plumbing camera attached to a flexible, long cable. The camera is inserted into the home's drainpipe. It streams video to a monitor. This allows the inspector to look for potential issues within the pipe, issues like:

·         Cracks

·         Blockages

·         Broken pipes

·         Serious problems with the sewage system

Why Do I Need A Sewer Scope Inspection?

There are various reasons why you "need" a sewer scope inspection. We have jotted down some of these reasons below:

Identifying Hidden Issues

No homebuyer wants something "hidden" when they're about to buy a property. They don't want to know that their property is actually a financial pitfall. Sewer scope inspection can help you with this, saving you from upcoming surprises.

Even though a sewer system is often out of sight and out of mind of a homebuyer. But, issues like cracks, clogs, and tree intrusion can hide beneath the surface. With a sewer inspection in place, you can identify the issues with the sewer lines. The inspection can help reveal any issues that might lead to costly repairs down the line.

Protecting Your Investment

Another thought that comes to every homebuyer's mind is, "Would investing in this property be worth it?" It might be if you already know what the property offers and what's coming your way. If it's not what you expect from your future home, you may draw away from the deal. It's a win-win for you. A sewer scope inspection can help in this regard, though. It will uncover existing issues and will help you negotiate repairs or price adjustments with the seller. This will potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Ensuring Property Value

Your home's property value can significantly decrease if you have a malfunctioning sewer system. In fact, it might also become challenging for you to sell it in the future. With a sewer inspection, you can address the sewer issues upfront. And also maintain the value of your investment. So, if you plan on selling the property in the future, you must schedule an inspection immediately.

Preventing Health Hazards

Your home might not succeed as a safe haven if you or your family go through potential health issues. A sewer problem can pose significant health hazards like contamination of drinking water and mold growth. With a sewer inspection, you can identify and address these before they escalate and become more than just a threat.

Issues Found During A Sewer Scope Inspection

Plumbing is one of those systems that you expect to be in perfect condition when buying a home. But, unfortunately, luck doesn't always turn out that way. A sewer inspection can reveal issues that might cost you thousands of dollars. And you don't want to spend that amount right after you spent thousands of dollars buying the property. Following are some of the major issues found during the inspections:

Root Intrusion

This is one of the most common sewer pipe issues found by the inspectors. And it keeps getting worse with time. Naturally, tree roots are attracted to the moisture in sewer pipes. The sewage serves as a fertilizer to them. When they grow out, they result in significant clogs. No, they can't snake out that easily. In fact, because of the major root growth, the pipe can even break or burst. Therefore, it's hard to prevent root intrusion. With inspection, it will at least become easy to detect the location of these roots and handle them before they become a headache.

Poor Pipe Health

Virginia Beach has a total of 186,468 housing units, and if you're buying a property that is more than 20 years old, then it's time to be more cautious. And that's another reason to schedule a sewer inspection. Why so? Many old homes use outdated piping materials. These are prone to cracking. And even if the home is not old, a sewer scope inspection is necessary. That is because it can reveal all kinds of pipe issues. These also include misplaced pipes or accumulated gunk from things like cooking grease, soap scum, etc.

Random Blockages

In Virginia Beach, sewer backups occur about 25 or 30 times a year, affecting homes and businesses. This is enough to get your sewer line inspected before it's too late. The inspection will identify any blockages that might affect your property big time.


In the appealing real estate market of Virginia Beach, it's important to make sure you're not being undermined. And a sewer scope inspection can help you here.

As a prospective buyer, when you are on the journey of buying a new property in this vibrant coastal city, these inspections can help safeguard your investment. Not to forget the peace of mind you get after. Once the hidden sewer issues are uncovered, you can negotiate repairs, protect your financial interests, and maintain the property's value.

Furthermore, this proactive approach will help prevent health hazards, ensure smoothing functioning of the sewer system, and satisfy you with your purchase.

Schedule your comprehensive home inspection with Safe House Property Inspections today and ensure peace of mind in your real estate investment journey. Don't leave your home's safety and value to chance—trust our experienced inspectors to uncover potential issues. And get the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Contact us now to book your inspection!


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