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Termite and Moisture Inspection


Safe House has partnered with Pest Heroes to provide Termite/Moisture inspections at the time of the home inspection. Even if a home has a termite warranty, most clients choose to have an additional inspector working on their behalf to check for any termite activity not reported by the company with the warranty. 

In addition to termites, the inspector will check for other wood destroying organisms that could cause headaches for you. A Termite Letter/WDO Report will be issued, if needed, prior to closing.


The Safe House team and the Pest Heroes team communicate with each other to ensure that you have the best inspection coverage available.

Moisture problems and termite invasions create costly disasters in numerous Virginia homes. It's crucial to discover them before the effects become catastrophic. A minor termite infestation may not produce significant damage if a professional quickly eradicates the insects.

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