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Solar Panels on Roof


Powering up your home does not have to be a hassle and so costly. You might be running high on electric bills and suffering power outbreaks regularly. Work with the top solar company in Virginia to get your home powered using solar.

My Unlimited Solar offers amazing residential solar options that will suit your family’s needs. Their installation rates are fair, and they offer a warranty that will last a lifetime. If you are in the market looking for residential solar, look no further, My Unlimited Solar has got you covered.

Benefits of Going Solar
The Process of Solar Installation:

1. Create a scaffold for safety during installation.
2.  Set up mounts to hold solar panels. This idea should be accompanied by an angle that will direct the solar panel to absorb enough sun rays.

3. Inaugurate the solar panel.

4. Connect the Solar panel terminals with power cables.

5. Connect power cables from solar with charge controller.

6. Install the Inverter.

7. Connect the Inverter with the consumer unit.

8. Test and start to use solar energy.

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