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  • What is Home Protection? 

    • Home Protection consist of a service contract for your home's major systems and appliances. ACHOSA protects you from repair and replacement costs associated with their covered items. While they strive to cover most unexpected major housejold esxpenses, their plans do not cover everything. ​

  • What Makes ACHOSA different? 

    • ACHOSA is transforming the warranty industry for the better by empowering you to choose your own licensed contractors for all required services. Unlike traditional home warranty companies that have limited pools of contractors in their networks, you will be ensured of prompt, reliable service by having the whole market at your disposal. ​

Benefits of ACHOSA:
  • Use your own licensed service provider (faster response, improved communication, trustworthy, and higher quality contractor)

  • ACHOSA pays service provider their full retail rates

  • The parts used are locally sourced keeping claim dollars in the local economy and reducing wait time

  • ACHOSA pays service providers when the work is completed and while they are still in the home once the homeowner is satisfied

ACHOSA offers multiple plans – all plans cover PEACH (Plumbing, Electrical, Appliances, Cooling and Heating). Coverage increases with each plan. Listed below are some of the most popular plans.  The pricing below is for a 12-month policy on a single-family home. Multi-year plans can save you money. See pricing guide in brochure for more details.

Prime Plan $575

One of the lower plans but still offers great coverage.

  • Heating $2,000

  • Cooling $2,000

  • Water Heater $750

  • Major Appliances $500


Prime Plus $775

The most popular plan, this plan has great coverage for most homes.

  • Heating $2,500

  • Cooling $2,500

  • Water Heater $1,000

  • Major Appliances $1,000


Pro Plan $1,100

This is the best plan offering the highest limits. It’s best for homes with multiple systems and homeowners who want the most peace of mind.

  • Heating $3,500

  • Cooling $3,500

  • Water Heater $1,500

  • Major Appliances $1,500


Want even higher limits? We have multiple add-on options!

Conserve ($25) – Add-on option offering $200 more for all appliances, heating, cooling, and the water heater when replaced with energy efficient models.

Conserve Plus ($50) – Add-on option offering $400 more for all appliances, heating, cooling, and the water heater when replaced with energy efficient models.

Appliance Plus ($75) – Add-on option offering $500 for each appliance cap towards like for like replacements (Appliance Plus Add-On can be stacked with Conserve or Conserve +)

Please keep in mind, there is not a home warranty company out there that will cover 100% of the replacement cost. Home warranties are designed to offset the cost of repairs and replacements as they break down from normal wear and tear. 

Yes, you may find other options that are cheaper, but given the customer's experience during the claims process with a traditional home warranty company, the money you may save with the cheaper plan can cost you more in the long run. And yes, you may save a little more money using a traditional home warranty company that has a “higher” cap but then you are at the mercy of their contractors, their time when getting your home back up and running and a list of unknown charges that will need to be paid to complete the claim.

If a home warranty company says they have no limits – run away! Think about it, the average cost of a home warranty is about $725 per year. If they have no limits and pay for full replacements, how long do you think that company would be in business?


Achosa focuses on the customer claims experience, transparency of our contract, and helping to get their homes back up in running in hours instead of days, weeks, or months.

Click the button below and fill out the form to get in touch with our concierge team!
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