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Pest Heroes has established itself as Safe House Property Inspection's trusted partner for all pest control needs. With their exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Pest Heroes has consistently proven to be a reliable and effective solution for addressing pest problems. Their process begins with a complimentary initial consultation, during which their team thoroughly assesses the property and identifies any existing pest issues. This crucial step allows Pest Heroes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific concerns at hand. Following the consultation, they meticulously craft a personalized service plan tailored to the unique requirements of the property, ensuring that every pest concern is addressed effectively. By employing state-of-the-art techniques and using eco-friendly products, Pest Heroes guarantees a safe and efficient eradication of pests while prioritizing the well-being of residents and the environment. Their dedication to delivering outstanding results and their commitment to customer satisfaction make Pest Heroes an invaluable partner for Safe House Property Inspection in maintaining pest-free properties.

Scheduling Benefits
Services Offered:
  • WDI inspections for real estate transactions and done on the clients behalf

  • Fungal and termite treatments

  • Crawlspace moisture remediation including dehumidifiers and sump pumps

  • Seasonal pest control specifically designed for your home's needs with environmentally safe treatment solutions.

  • Mosquito and vector control so you can enjoy your property and avoid health concerns

  • Replacement of crawlspace access doors, vent repair and replacement, entryway sealing, vapor barrier installation, etc.

  • Structural damage repair due to fungal, termite or moisture issues

  • We have regular pest programs and special event options for mosquitos and ticks

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