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Before You Sell: 6 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection in Virginia Beach

Once you plan to sell your house, it's important to know that your property meets most (if not all) of the potential buyers' expectations. And also that your property's condition aligns with your selling price.

How to ensure this?

The best way to get insights into your property is to schedule your pre-listing inspection. These inspections will not only let you know what your property is worth. But they'll also guide you through making your property up the bar and stand out in the market.

But these reasons are not it…. there's more.

In this blog, we'll discuss the five reasons that will define why you need to schedule pre-listing inspections.

But, first things first… let's first define what a pre-listing inspection is.

What Is A Pre-Listing Inspection?

Before listing the property for sale, conducting a pre-listing inspection is effective.

As a seller, you need to get information about your home before you begin selling. It'll allow you to address repairs, gain better control over pricing, and present a more accurate representation of your home to potential buyers.

During the pre-listing inspection, the inspector assesses different areas, evaluating the home's overall condition.

This comprehensive inspection covers major systems and components, including:

·       Heating and cooling

·       Electrical

·       Plumbing

·       Structure

·       Roof

·       Interior

·       Exterior

The inspector compiles their findings into an inspection report, emphasizing any identified issues and recommending necessary repairs or replacements.

Typically ranging from $300 to $600 in the United States, a home inspection usually takes 2-4 hours.

Even though these inspections are not an obligation for you, they can still help prevent complications during a transaction, ensuring a smoother selling process.

The following are some benefits sellers can enjoy from a pre-listing inspection.

Understanding the Condition of Your Home

A professional home inspection is the most effective way to gain insight into your home's condition. Once you consider a pre-listing inspection, you'll get all the information to prepare before listing your property.

It's better to identify major defects early in the process rather than discover them during a transaction.

A comprehensive understanding of your home upfront can be a valuable asset for you….enabling you to proactively prepare your listing and steer clear of surprises as you navigate the selling process.

Get Ahead of Repairs

You should work with your real estate agent for any issues uncovered during the pre-listing inspection, either minor or significant. With them, you can determine what should be addressed through repairs before listing and what you should disclose to prospective buyers.

Furthermore, if you plan on completing some repairs before listing, this provides ample time to research available contractors and find the best prices. Having control of these projects can save you time, money, and stress. And… it's better than finding a last-minute contractor to fix an issue found during your buyer's home inspection that holds up the transaction.

On the other hand, some issues are best left to the buyer's discretion in addressing the repairs. Some issues are not necessarily the "red flags" for the sale. In some cases, the new owners may want to have control over their repairs and complete them to their specific liking. Again, work with your agent to determine the best repair plan for your situation to prepare your home for the market.

Price Your Home Accurately

Deciding the optimal listing price for your home can be challenging as you prepare to enter the market.

But know that "balance is the key," and you shall strike it well. Pricing too high may discourage potential buyers; setting it too low might mean leaving money on the table.

This again brings your real estate agent into play…collaborate with them and leverage the insights from your pre-listing inspection report. They'll guide you toward finding that sweet spot in determining your price.

Moreover, the inspection report will also serve as a valuable reference, allowing you to justify the cost associated with your listing.

Better Marketing

These inspections also go beyond simply noting the home's issues in the listing. You'll also have the opportunity to highlight the positive aspects revealed in the pre-listing inspection report.

For instance, if the inspection uncovers that your roof is in outstanding condition with many years of durability ahead….you can spotlight this information in the listing.

Using the pre-listing inspection findings to your benefit will provide a means to instill confidence. And it'll also build trust with potential buyers.

Sharing the positive insights discovered during the inspection can be a powerful tool in showcasing the value of your property.

Attract Serious Buyers

In most of the property listings, potential buyers often approach with a degree of skepticism regarding the home's condition. Unaware of unforeseen issues that might turn their investment into a money pit.

When you openly communicate the results of the pre-listing inspection, you'll have the potential to draw in committed buyers who understand the home's condition and associated ownership challenges.

Providing such comprehensive information can eliminate most of the uncertainties about the property. If the buyers express their interest, it'll signify a genuine desire to progress with the transaction.

Negotiate Better

When the buyer schedules their home inspection, findings through a pre-listing inspection can help you negotiate better during common negotiations….that typically revolve around repairs or issues identified by the inspector.

Once you proactively address your home's condition and collaborate with your real estate agent on disclosures, you establish a clear foundation for both parties.

With this information upfront, you'll be facilitated for smoother communication throughout the transaction.

If the home inspection prior to buying reveals new issues, your pre-listing inspection report serves as a reference, allowing for comparisons. If needed, the inspector involved initially can be consulted for additional insights.


In conclusion, scheduling a pre-listing home inspection is a favorable step you'll be taking for yourself and your home. You don't want to miss the significant amount of dollars you can get out of your deal just by fixing the issues within your property.

These will also save you from questioning yourself after some failed deals, "What if I knew that issue lies within my property before this deal?"

So, it's better to know your property before listing it. This will save you from regretting later and losing on major deals.

Not to mention, these will also help you in your negotiations with potential buyers.

You can contact Safe House Property Inspections for more insight into these inspections. We'll guide you better and provide professional home inspection services in Virginia Beach.

Contact us now to schedule your home inspection today!


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