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Why Real Estate Agents Use Safe House

Team Approach

Safe House Team

Our inspections get done faster with more eyes onsite so you can get back to selling houses instead of sitting at home inspections

Multiple Services Offered

Safe House Property Inspections
Safe House Property Inspections
  • Sewer camera inspection

  • Pool Inspections

  • Water Loss Evaluations

  • Termite/Moisture inspection from our partner Pest Heroes

  • Air and surface sampling for mold

Home Inspection Vans
Safe House Property Inspections
Safe House Property Inspections

Home Inspection Reports

Sample Report
  • Delivered right after inspection

  • Easy to understand narratives

  • Pictures, graphics, and videos when need to clarify issues

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** The PDF needs to be downloaded to view the videos in the report.

Easy Scheduling

We have multiple teams available in order to schedule inspections proving more openings.

Easy Scheduling
  • Fully staffed office and back up call center with multiple ways to schedule

  • Call 

  • Text

  • Email

  • Schedule online

  • Use RED (Real Estate Dashboard)

Inspection Delivery

Our inspectors deliver their finding with a charge neutral approach.

Inspection Delivery
  • They don’t make mountains out of mole hills

  • They don’t sugar coat anything either

  • They remind the client they are working with a real estate professional who will help them get what is important to them addressed

Lifetime Appliance RecallChek Service

Every month clients appliance model numbers are checked against the recall database.

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Use Of Technology On All Inspections

Home Inspector
  • Moisture meters

  • Thermal imaging

Buyer Protection Plan

  • If sale does not proceed for any reason client gets $100 off next inspection in 30 days

  • This incentivises client to get back out and start looking with agent right away

Most Reviewed Home Inspection Company in The State of Virginia

Richard Kim

January 2021

Google Review

Safe House Property Inspections did the home inspection for the house we are purchasing and they did an excellent job in documenting the issues in a very organized and thorough report. The inspectors were very knowledgeable and answered an egregious number of questions I had. They did not seem impatient or bothered by my questioning. Nice dudes and great service.

Nick Whelton

January 2021

Google Review

Just had an inspection done on our possible future house! We had Dustin and Robert come out and give this house the works! They checked pluming, electrical, damages, crawlspaces and I have to say they did this in roughly a hour. There were two guys instead of the usual one which really was nice because they were able to get the job done a lot faster and not take half the day. I also was extremely impressed with their ability to take and upload pictures in real time to a document that was being created for us on the property! It showed where the issues were and would color code it based on severity!

They were able to present it to us before leaving and really explained in depth what they saw, what the issues were and how we can go about getting them fixed.

Pohlmarc Lawrence

January 2021

Google Review

Safe House Property Inspections representative arrived early and got to work right away. The inspection was very thorough. Delineations were made between urgent “must address” items, FYI items, and normal projected life spans were provided. Representative were helpful in answering all questions and providing a detailed explanation of their findings. They provide a very detailed report with summary. 

Very Professional!

Highly Recommended!

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