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Ensuring you lock in home purchase protection with a Safe House inspection.

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Safe House Property Inspections is synonymous with trouble-free home and condo home inspections in Virginia Beach. Our certified home inspectors from Chesapeake, Hampton, and Norfolk, VA, use a team approach to provide more eyes on-site – resulting in accurate inspection of a house before buying.


Each inspection is conducted using cutting-edge technology like thermal imagers, moisture meters, etc. During our thorough inspections, we keep you in the loop. So you have every chance to consult or ask questions.

Your inspection day will end on a satisfying note and a quick report – within 20-30 minutes via email.

  • 20,000+ Inspections in Hampton Roads

  • 15+ years experience, proudly serving since 2008

  • Partnered with Unlimited Protection™ and™

  • Virginia Licensed and InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors
    (757) 741-7971

Virginia Beach Home

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Safe Home Inspections Include

Virginia Beach Interior


Crooked interiors. Leaky plumbing. Knackered systems. Our exhaustive interior inspections reveal all flaws – putting your in-house fears to rest, once and for all.

Virginia Beach HVAC


We check your HVAC unit for CO leaks, damages, adequate insulation, and ventilation. Our HVAC inspections ensure comfortable living in the heating and cooling.

Virginia Beach Basement

Basement / Crawl Space

Water penetration or unexplained moisture in the basement? Before the damage expands, get your home inspection, which includes basement and crawl space inspections.

Virginia Beach Fireplace


Your fireplace could be crumbly, sooted or not able to light – challenging during winters. Our fireplace inspections ensure it’s in good physical and working condition.

Virginia Beach Roof

Roof / Attic

The roof and attic hold up a lot. Extreme weather, water pooling, leaks, or broken structures. Our roof inspections don’t let these issues compromise your home safety.

Virginia Beach Electrical


Exposed wiring, non-functional panels, or outdated electrical elements can be dangerous. Let us inspect each one to ensure your safety with our electrical inspections.

Virginia Beach Plumbing


Plumbing problems are often downplayed. Pass your plumbing system and fixtures through our thorough inspections to prevent leaks, clogs, water, and moisture damage.

Additional Services

Virginia Beach Sewer Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

Virginia Beach Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

Virginia Beach Moisture Inspection

Moisture Inspection

Virginia Beach Pool Inspection


Virginia Beach Mold Inspection

Mold Sampling Inspection


Make clear decisions after detailed inspections.

Bring home clear decisions after detailed inspections.

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